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Nadler Horsemanship Owner Jacqueline Nadler is an internationally renowned equestrian and horse trainer with over 20 years experience in competitive jumping and a decade of experience in natural horsemanship. She studied Equine Management at Ohio University and has attended over 75 clinics with clinicians includin...


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Special Thanks: Special Thanks to Peter and Trina for their care and support! Thank you to Ray and Caroline for the inspiration to shoot for the stars.

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Horses and ropes are dangerous! Handle livestock at your own risk and with extreme care! This website has been created with the intention to exhibit what this professional rider has experienced. Nadler Horsemanship LLC, Jacqueline Nadler, employees, organizers, it’s personal either hired or volunteer assumes no responsibility for damages, personal injury, death or property damages which may occur as a result of both directly and/or indirectly of any such practices. The instructions demonstrated in this website are intended to expand general knowledge on topics exhibited and assumes no liability for the practices of the technique discussed on this website. Viewers of this website assume all responsibility for their actions as a result of this website. The predominance of the teachings shared here came from the clinicians that she has studied with, the majority of their philosophy stemming from Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, as well as almost 30 years of her own involvement with the horse. Please keep your attention on what you are doing when working with animals and always be kind.
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